Information prior to the contractual process (purchase/sale)

This web page http://WWW.DESIGN-PILLS.COM is owned by Design Pills.
The General Sale Conditions govern the relationship of distance selling, between Design Pills and the user or customer, in accordance with legal provisions , in particular the Law 7/ 1998 of 13 April on General Contracting Conditions , the Law 26 /1984, of 19 July , General Consumers and Users Defence, Royal Decree 1906 /1999 of 17 December 1999 laying down the Telephone and Electronic Contracting with general conditions , the Act Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data , Law 7 /1996 of 15 January Retail Trade , and Law 34/2002 of 11 July, Services of the Company Information and Electronic Commerce.

Design Pills reserves the right to make any changes to the General Conditions it deems appropriate without notice. Such modifications may be made through its websites, in any admissible and lawful form, and must be complied with during the time they are published on the website and until they are not validly modified by other subsequent modifications. However, Design Pills reserves the right to apply, in certain cases, a Special Contract Conditions in preference to the General Conditions if considered appropriate, announcing them in the time and manner it deems best.

The purpose of the website is to advertise and offer design products.

As a user or customer you expressly declare to know, understand and accept the Conditions of Use and these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. Similarly, you declare to be of age and have the legal capacity to act in order to access Rijnstraat S.L. websites and purchasing through them. You can purchase our products by going to the “Shop Online” section of this website. It is not required to register as a user of this website in order to purchase online. In accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 on Protection of Personal Data, Design Pills informs the users that any personal data collected during the purchase process will be entered into a file under its responsibility, with the purpose of processing the purchase made by the user and manage subsequent actions arising therefrom. Also, Design Pills informs the user of the possibility of exercising their rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition by writing to the following address: C / Ferlandina, 39, 08001 BARCELONA (SPAIN).
Unless notified otherwise, we understand that your data has not been modified, that the user agrees to notify us of any changes and that we have his/her consent to use it to strengthen the relationship between the parties.

Once the purchase process has been finalized, the customer will receive an order confirmation via email, so it is of extremely importance that, during the purchase, the user provides a valid email address. If you do not receive a confirmation within 24 hours after completion of the purchase, please contact us at: info@design-pills.com.

All contents of the website are in English.

Along with his/her purchase, the client will receive a copy of the order, or invoice.

Product offers and validity
In case of a product on sale, the offer price and its time validity will always be shown next to the product’s essential features.
In compliance with the current regulations, Design Pills provides information on all the items for sale, their features and prices. However, Design Pills reserves the right to remove, replace or change the products offered via its website by simply changing the content of the web page. Thus, the products offered at any time on the website are governed by the General Terms and Conditions in each case. The company has also the option to stop offering access to the products mentioned without prior notice and at any time.

Essential characteristics of the products
The “Shop Online” section shows the products offered with a photograph and their essential characteristics. Product colour, as observable in the photograph, is not binding and it is specified in the product’s characteristics.

All the products offered on the website benefit of a 2 year warranty issued by the producer. Design Pills has a post-sales customer service. As long as the product is covered by its warranty, the customer may contact Design Pills by email at info@design-pills.com.
Should the customer observe any damage or malfunction in the product, it will be replaced or repaired.

All the products indicate the selling price in Euros and include Value Added Tax (VAT).
In the event that the customer is a company and resides outside Spain or the European Union, the Value Added Tax (VAT) shall be deducted from the purchase amount.
In the event that the customer is a private person and resides outside the European Union, the Value Added Tax (VAT) shall be deducted from the purchase amount.
If any other applicable tax has to be added, it will be so indicated.

Delivery and transport costs
Design Pills will ship its products to Spain (including the Balearic and Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla), as well as to the countries of the European Union, USA, Canada and Australia. For other locations, the user must contact the Customer Service via email at: info@design-pills.com, to check delivery costs and transportation. The shipments will be performed by the company MRW within Spain, and by its partners outside Spain.
All the information about shipping costs is detailed during the on-line purchasing process and before the purchase is finalized..
The purchased products will be delivered to the address indicated by the client during the purchase process.

Payment and order execution
The customer may pay the amount of the order by Credit Card through the secure platform of the online payment system provided by the platform WordPress and Woocommerce.
Design Pills undertakes to deliver the order within a maximum of 30 days from the day following the order.
The availability of the products offered by Design Pills may vary depending on customer demand. Although Design Pills periodically updates its stock, the product requested by the customer may be sold out. In case of non-execution due to unavailability, the customer will receive an informative email and within a maximum of 30 days and the amount paid for the canceled order will be refunded. In the event that Design Pills does not make this payment within the prescribed period, the customer may claim to be paid twice the amount due, without prejudice to its right to be indemnified.
When the amount of a purchase is charged fraudulently or improperly using a credit or debit card number, the credit/debit card holder may request the immediate cancellation of the charge. In such a case, the relevant debit/credit entry changes in the accounts of the supplier and the holder shall be made as soon as possible.
However, if the purchase had actually be done by the cardholder and the refund demand were not the result of having exercised the right of withdrawal or resolution, and therefore, had improperly required the cancellation of the corresponding charge, the buyer shall be accountable for the compensation to Design Pills for damages caused as a result of such cancellation.

Design Pills also reserves the right to bring civil or criminal actions deemed appropriate by the misuse of your web pages and contents or for breach of these conditions.
The relationship between the user/buyer and the provider will be governed by the current legislation and its application/execution in the territory of Spain. If any dispute arises, the parties may submit their disputes to arbitration or go to the ordinary jurisdiction in compliance with the rules on jurisdiction and competence in this regard. Design Pills is established in Barcelona, Spain.